pacific life iul lawsuit

Appeals Court Denies Harvest Rock Church Request for Emergency Relief, Judge Shuts Down Indianapolis Bars’ Challenge of COVID Restrictions, Consumers Concerned About Food Allergies File Class Action Lawsuit Against Whole Foods, Ace Hotel Chicago Faces Data Privacy Class Action Lawsuit, Class Action Lawsuit Says Ancestry Shows Yearbook Photos Without Consent, Energizer AA MAX Batteries Allegedly Not As Long-Lasting As Advertised, Mercedes to Reimburse for Peeling Paint Defect Under Class Action Settlement, Consumer Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement News, Coronavirus Legal News & Class Action Lawsuits, California Mortgage Lender Consumer Protection. Intentional Misrepresentation. If you have purchased either Minnesota Life’s Eclipse Indexed Universal Life Insurance or Pacific Life’s Pacific Discovery Xelerator (PDX) life insurance within the last five years, and still maintain the policy, you may be able to join this universal life insurance lawsuit or class action lawsuit investigation. Placeholders.enable();

Someone in the industry forwarded me a lawsuit filed in Orange County last week against Pacific Life and, particularly, addressing the best-selling PDX product. Nationwide IUL Accumulator II $24,108 $25,660 $31,397 $4,497 North American Builder Plus IUL 2 $19,936 $31,312 $33,231 $4,085 Pacific Life Discovery Xelerator 2 (40%) $23,912 $27,589 $40,911 $4,506 Penn Mutual Accumulation Builder Flex $22,038 $31,734 $37,131 $4,828 Principal IUL Accumulation II $23,192 $29,099 $31,350 $4,548