graphql playground headers

For authenticating an operation as a specific user, you need to pass the X-Parse-Session-Token header with its valid session token. Authorization header in case of Authentication Token protection over the API); Using graphql playground we can also insert data to DB. Share this post if it was useful to you and keep playing with the graphql playground, it is a useful tool that will make your life easier. Test your GraphQL servers Open the HTTP HEADERS pane at the bottom-left corner of the playground and specify the Authorization header as follows: { "Authorization": "Bearer __TOKEN__" } Replace __TOKEN__ with the token in the response you got from the last mutation query. Then on each request, send along an Authorization header in the form of { Authorization: "Bearer YOUR_JWT_GOES_HERE" }.This can be set in the HTTP Headers section of your GraphQL Playground. Automatically set HTTP cache headers and save full responses in a cache. You would have figured out by now that manually generating tokens and pasting it … Copy the access token. The next step is to remove a product from the graphql server to do that you have to use the removeProduct mutation and apply the filter and then type the field _id to remove a specific data from the server if you don't know the _id of your data you can type the viewer query and search the field _id. In the right side of the playground, there is a button named DOCS, the DOCS contain all the available queries, mutations, and subscriptions of the graphql server. Click the allPersons query to see all the fields with their name and data type of the allPersons query, click a specific field to see the data type of that field and description. To apply mutations to the graphql playground we will use another graphql api more simple than the star wars api to use the new api open a new tab and paste this link: The graphql playground is an interactive graphic graphql ide, created by prisma, maintained by the graphql foundation, and based in graphiql. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do you can share my articles on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or other social media apps. 2 Query Variables HTTP Headers . Have a question about this project? Loading GraphQL Playground. Inside the playground settings tab, you can change options like the cursor shape, font family, theme, credentials, and other options. We can then copy that JWT and add it to the "HTTP Headers" panel of GraphQL Playground in this format: {"Authorization": "Bearer "} Now we can try running the viewer query with this header added: query {viewer {name}} And we'll see that we get back information about the authenticated user, as … GraphQL Playground provides a React component responsible for rendering the UI and Session management. Open the HTTP HEADERS pane at the bottom-left corner of the playground and specify the Authorization header as follows: { "Authorization": "Bearer __TOKEN__" } Replace __TOKEN__ with the token in the response you got from the last mutation query. In the case of updating the information of the graphql server, we will use the mutation updateProduct and the field _id, the _id is to identify the specific data you want to update, then type the fields you want to update that can be the name, products, and other fields, consult the DOCS for more information about the fields you can use. Prettify History. Server cannot be reached. Debugging a GraphQL API might require additional headers to be passed to the requests while playing with the GraphiQL interface. You will be interacting with this data a lot and the Playground will help you greatly with exploring this data. The playground set it automatically, you just need to know the header name and use the values for your header, the structure of the headers is like a json file.

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