parallel execution in cucumber using testng

Cucumber BDD framework with TestNG & Selenium. Before starting with parallel execution, let’s get a brief insight into TestNG.xml file (those familiar with testng.xml file can skip this section and move to next paragraph – “Running tests in parallel”). Even in the case of testing applications on multiple browsers, tests are performed sequentially on various browsers. TestNG provides an ability to run test classes in parallel. Running Cucumber JVM tests in parallel. TestNG. Parallel Testing in Cucumber Java Selenium an easy solution. You can increase the number of parallel runners by changing the fork count. Published on June 27, 2018 June 27, 2018 • 77 Likes • 16 Comments With parallel execution we can run the same test on different devices models, to achieve more coverage, or run different tests on the same device models, to cut the execution time and get faster results for specific model. in a template -->, , , , , , , , , , "target/parallel/features/[CUCABLE:FEATURE].feature", "json:target/cucumber-report/[CUCABLE:RUNNER].json", How to add screenshots in Automation test…, How to merge your parallel test cucumber…, How to turn your default cucumber reporting…. In TestNG the scenarios and rows in a scenario outline are executed in multiple threads. TestNG enables you to run test methods, test classes and test cases in parallel inside your project. Now we need to add the parameters to the java file: We are going to send the MCM parameters to the @BeforeClass, because that’s where we need to create our driver, then we are going to pass the test data to the @TestMethod. By using parallel execution of classes, each class will be started and executed simultaneously in different threads. After adding the testNG framework and passing parameters from the testng.xml file, we can now leverage our framework to run on multiple tests on multiple devices in parallel. This mode reduces the execution time significantly because more tests are executed in parallel, hence reducing the total execution time. With this to happen, we need to pass parameters to our testng class and also in the XML file. In parallel testing, the program’s multiple parts (or modules) execute together, saving the testers … If I am running on different machine then it takes lots of time. Parallel testing or parallel execution, as the name suggests, is a process of running the test case parallelly rather than one after the other. I am using the threads and parallel configuration in testng.xml file and using … Parallel Execution in TestNG: If we want to run methods / classes in different threads, then we need to set ‘parallel’ attributes on the tags ‘methods‘ / ‘classes‘. Cross Browser and Parallel Testing in Java Cucumber with Selenium Grid. Why parallel execution? Addition to above you need to create one runner java file example in above pom. Execution of cucumber scenarios and the rows in scenario outlines is absolutely possible with TestNG. For more infomation on parallel execution you can refer here. This approach of testing is very time-c… #automation #testing #cucumber #selenium #cucable #paralleltesting, , , , , ,

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